Thursday, January 20, 2011

World Wide Protest

"The World Wide Protest Against The Watchtower Organization" has now begun. Those who participate realize that the Watchtower Organization breaks up families and shuns former Jehovah's Witnesses. We encourage you to participate in this event. 

We want the world to know the problems the Watchtower Organization is causing in deliberately encouraging family members to shun or avoid contact with former members. 

Come out from behind your computer screens, stand tall, be courageous, speak out and let the world know how dangerous The Watchtower Organization is. 

The world wide protest begins Friday Jan 21, 2011 and ends Sun. Jan 23, 2011.


  1. You go Rick and Inez!

  2. Without Doubt this Cult can do it with guilt control!It will someday be a fallen faith.
    "Count on it"

  3. im in as well my home town is crawling with them!
    when the y come to me i remond them that their founder charles taze russel was a bonified mason and a pyramidologist and he's buried right next to an 9 ft. tall egyptian pyramid with the words watchtower bible ans tract society.
    it even has the all seeing eye of osiris on top of it!

  4. Brother Rick and Izez, may God continually Bless you and your Wife... I am aware of the HURT this cult inflicts on people, and I am glad to be out of it, and it is my prayer your family members will become open minded and embrace what you are already know; what is behind the Watchtower Society JW's leadership. You and several others have helped, me Tremendously, (tears of great Joy) I didn't go back to the cult...Thanks again, Brother Scott

  5. Thanks so much your efforts, I grew up in a divided home with a mother who was Jehovahs Witness. My childhood was crushing, my mother told me, before I started grade school, I would never reach adulthood, that Armaggedon was coming soon and only if I was really good and in the right place I would survive. I am now 49 years old and she still believes the WT stuff. Praise the Lord I am now a Christian. The Lord found me at 30 and gave me hope for the first time in my life. I know that the teachings I grew up with made me desperately sad. There is no joy, no hope, no comfort, no truth, and no real love in the watchtower teachings. Thank you again for warning people and letting people know that this organization is evil to the core.

  6. I noticed when I was a J.W. the "systematic blotting out," of family time. The excuse was, "Well there will be plenty of time for that in the new order." Also, a whole "Awake," cover about planting a garden, viewing nature, etc. But, every single time it came time to do something with me, the Congregation came first.

    Does anyone have any knowledge also, about how Elders are taught in private Elders meetings how to manipulate their wives and blot them out? I know if I had told my husband back then about the subliminal art messages I saw, in the Watchtower artwork, he wouldn't have even looked at them. Yet, artists have been doing this for centuries. I think the Elders would have encouraged him to tell me I was crazy and they would have joined in. Is this encouraged, behind the scenes in Elders meetings to tell people they are crazy when they expose truths? Especially their wives? If so, this is encouraging domestic violence.

  7. I remember meetings where a great deal of time was talked about not watching television, and being alert to false advertising and subliminal messages. Yet, while condemning the outside world and corporations for doing this, the Watchtower Bible and Tract was planting subliminal art messages in its Watchtower and Awake, which was ordained by the governing body. To this day, I think some of it was "subliminally latently homosexual." The latent homosexual is dangerous to women. He is not the Gay hairdresser who is open. I also remember a story about a brother being married to a sister, and he was Gay and craved being with a man every day! I told my father-in-law, that this was no real marriage. How could a woman be married to a man who craved another man's flesh??? Are some of these stories made up by the Society? Like the image on the magazine of a man with his hand on his wife's shoulder, not even paying any attention to her, and staring at a "rams head sculpture?" My father-in-law, raised in the Ozarks, with an eigth-grade education seemed to think a Gay man could change by attending meetings! That's right. He was from the Ozarks, led an entire congretation, and only finished the eigth grade!

    My father-in-law, in private conversations, once told me, if your husband abuses you, tell him you will get him with a fire pan when he sleeps!( When his own daughter started rebelling against the society's teachings, he threatened to lock her in her room naked, without her clothes! I asked my sister-in-law if he ever did it, and she looked very sad, and wouldn't talk about it. He turned his own daughters into nervous wrecks.

    Just so you know who and what becomes a providing overseer, and leads the whole congregation. !The janitor with the bucket. The person with the eighth grade education who needs to feel like someone.

  8. They sure do try and break up families Rick. The Elders arranged a marriage for my brother. The marriage was a failure from the beginning. His wife beat him up. She did not make her children respect him. Then when he tried to leave the life threatening situation, the elders insisted that he go back to her. He recently left her again because she tried to strangle him. The elders are urging him to go back saying that it is his moral obligation. When I say break up families in this case, the elders think it is okay for him to be beaten, and for her to alienate his family.
    They also were very successful in splitting up my family after my husband died of cancer, and one year later, I went on a date in a public place with a non witness. I was disfellowshipped because of it. They forced my parents and brother to ignore me, a widow with a toddler for 5 years!
    Sometimes when things like that happen, reach out to others who have gone through it. Encourage them, make friends. Sometimes the best family you can have is the circle of friends that you make who will love you unconditionally.
    Thank you Rick for having me as a guest on the conference call.

  9. Look at the disgusting message within these extracts, from “Jehovah‘s“ organisation. No it’s mans organisation. A boys club of power thirsty sociopath megalomaniacs. And nothing more “worldly“ than these men, this organisation could you could find on this earth. The worst of humankind. Faithful and discreet slave indeed. What sinister nonsense.

    *** w70 11/15 p. 695 "When Hatred Is a Good Thing--a Protection" ***
    "Some people may appear to be "nice people," but one must ask: "Do they have Christian morals and principles? Do they love Jehovah?" Their love of God and neighbor should determine what our relationship with them will be. This matter of association is important, for if we enjoy being with those who do bad things we will soon cease hating what they do."

    Many many references to hatred in the watchtower publications. You could say it is a favourite subject of theirs.
    Foul to encourage people to hate other people. I hope with all my heart that this organisation will be brought to its knees very soon. This is the "wicked system of things" that must be wiped out before it sacrifices any more humans lives and liberty for nothing more than profit. They don’t want the world to end. No as they profit too much from spinning the “keep Awake” message. Scrutiny is being cleverly diverted away from where the real evil lies. Its not the wicked world it’s the wicked and faithful slave one must be watchful of.

    Who will watch the watchmen?


    protect our family



    Please protect your family against this secte WT.

    "Awake" in French version 2011, april 15.